Updates on Ida’s Family


After staying at the hospital for a week Ida’s wounds on her feet were healed and she was able to gain enough strength to go home. We moved her out of Kipsongo and into a house closer to us and near two of our staff members so that they can keep an eye on her and let us know if there are any problems. Her mom came to stay with her a for a few weeks to help her cook and clean and do things around the house before she goes back home. 
Ida is now doing great. It’s encouraging to see how much improvement she has made in such a short time. It’s almost like she is a completely different person from the first day I met her. Now that she is out of Kispongo, and seems excited to be able to start changing her life. Her body is still weak, but her spirits are up because now God has given her the hope that she needed to take initiative to start working to improve her life. Ida said that she is blessed to still have Selina and is taking good care of her.  She was also telling me the other day that God saw her pain and came to her rescue. 
Selina is doing well. She is such a sweet little girl. Every time she sees me coming she starts running and gives me a big hug. It’s great to see how she went from such a sad, quiet little girl on the first days we met her, to now being so full of joy. 
We took Alex to go visit his family and they were happy to see that he is growing up, doing well in school and being well cared for.
Selina and Alex
Alex and Ida

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