Updates on Lillian- Kijabe


On Monday morning we were able to get Lillian discharged from the hospital in Kapenguria and went straight to Kijabe. In the morning we were able to get her in to the doctors for a review and we explained her new symptoms. She has lost 2kgs (4.4 lbs) in two weeks because she doesn’t want to eat and has only been drinking milk. She no longer cries like she used to but just whimpers and is very lethargic. The doctors at the other hospital that she was at had been giving her antibiotic injections for the five days that she was there to clear up what they thought was pneumonia, but after all that medication there was no change. The doctor thinks that the tumor has now started affecting her lungs. She has also been having more seizures than she used to.

The doctor sat for us with about an hour listening to Lillian’s symptoms and trying to sort out the best plan for her. He said that it sounds like all of the additional complications are coming from the tumor in her spine, so we booked her operation. Because most of the cases in this branch of the hospital are urgent the soonest date we could get for her operation was July 25th, but we were told if there are any drastic changes that we can bring her back sooner.

Lillian’s mother decided that she would like Lillian to spend a few more weeks at home with her before we head back to Kijabe for her operation. Please pray for Lillian in these three weeks leading up to her surgery. Also please pray for peace for her mother who is very overwhelmed with everything that is going on with her daughter.

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