Willy Visits His Family

Willy came to PKC in August of 2012 after being abandoned at the hospital by his grandmother. That is the only story we ever heard of his past and no one ever came to look for him.


A few years ago when we were on a home visit, we ran into his grandmother. I never did much follow up because I assumed that was the woman who abandoned him all those years ago so I didn’t see any need to take him to see her because she didn’t seem to care.

Last year, we were able to reconnect with her and get the whole story, but we weren’t able to get there until recently because of the bad roads. It turns out that Willy was taken by his father to stay with his paternal grandmother, who is the one who abandoned him. His mother’s side of the family was sad to see him go and tried to look for him and didn’t know where to begin and assumed that he had died. His grandfather told us how he tried so hard to not let them take Willy away because he was his very first grandson and he loved him very much. They also told us that Willy’s sister, Ruth, has heard that she has a brother, but doesn’t ever remember him being around. She was so excited to finally be able to see him.

Willy and his grandfather.

Willy and his sister, Ruth.

Willy had a tough life before PKC. It was comforting to know that he has people that loved and cared for him just as much as we do. They were so excited to see how much his health has improved over the last few years and were very thankful to be able to see their sweet grandson again. It was such a fun afternoon to be able to see Willy’s family embrace him and for Willy to know that he has another family that loves and cares for him. Willy is looking forward to finally having family to stop by and visit him and they are excited to be able to stop by and see him from time to time.


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