World Autism Awareness Month

April is World Autism Awareness Month and we see it as the perfect reminder to celebrate our twenty-two children with Autism. Here at PKC, we celebrate the differences in our kiddos because they are unique and we know that they are exactly who God made them to be.  For many, this is the first time they’ve been seen as a blessing and not a burden. It’s such a privilege to be able see how much the simple act of acceptance causes kids to grow and thrive. So this month, we’d like to take the time to highlight a few our kids with Autism each week and share a little more about what makes them unique. 

Rhoda’s health is finally improving and getting stronger every day. We are starting to see her true personality shine and are happy to see her beginning to improve. She makes you work hard to get her to smile, but it’s definitely worth it. 


Japheth was the third child with Autism that came to PKC. He is never in a bad mood. He loves to jump, smile, laugh and play from sun up to sundown. He also loves to eat and is always one of the first kids to be fed at meal times.


Michelle keeps us laughing and never talks at any volume below a shout, no matter how close you are to her. She’s been sick for the past few months, but we were able to change her medications and we are finally getting to hear that sweet voice again. 


Lenny can’t walk, but can usually be found scooting along to play with his friends during the day. Lenny and most of his friends are nonverbal, but he comes right up to them and instantly puts a smile on their faces. He is also our sneaky little guy that will always find a water puddle to play in and holds the record for how many outfits he goes through in a day.


Agnes and Rosaria are the newest residents of PKC with Autism. They took a while to warm up to us, but now they have made themselves at home and are doing great. They both love finally having the opportunity to be in school. This two sweet sisters are inseparable and can usually be found playing together with their other friends.

Agnes and Rosaria
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