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Rose and Collins

My eyes have recently been opened to a new challenge that parents of children with disabilities face. I’ve seen, heard and experienced many of these struggles firsthand, but during the August holiday there was an incident with Rose, one of our students at Precious Kids School, that broke my heart. Rose is twenty years old, her […]

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Quinta proudly displaying her artwork .

Meet Quinta

An issue that has been heavy on my heart is the plight of young girls with disabilities, specifically those living in the slum areas. They are extra vulnerable to being taken advantage of and many are left alone all day while their mothers go to provide for their families, leaving them wide open for abuse. […]

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Home Visits: Mama Pascal and Mama Hillary

When the kids close school, many of them want to see their parents. Some kids go home for a few weeks to spend time with their families and others prefer to just visit a bit and then head back to Precious Kids Center. With the last term of the school year quickly approaching I loaded […]

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Our Newest Resident: Victor

It’s always a little crazy how kids find their way into the house. Most of them I had met long before they came into the home, but the timing just wasn’t right. Then there’s that moment, when I know that it is God’s plan for that kid to come to the house. That’s exactly what […]

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A Wonderfully Busy Day

Today was one of those days when I crammed in as many activities as possible. It was one of those days where I felt God’s plan in my day despite things been a bit crazy and jam packed full of adventure and lots of running around. We started off by going to the kids house […]

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Lavender was the third child that came to live at Precious Kids Center. Her father had gone away to work and hadn’t come back. Their family had been displaced during the tribal clashes and they were forced out of their home. Lavender’s mother, Christine, had become a single mother of three and was struggling to […]

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  It’s interesting how God brings kids into my life. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s the truth. On the way to Pascal’s house to meet his mother and talk about him coming to the house I spotted Junior. He was just sitting on the steps outside of his house. On the way […]

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