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Pascal and Japheth

Pascal came to us about a year and a half ago off of the streets of Kitale. Like so many boys who are living in town, they have homes, but do not stay there for one reason or another. Before Pascal came to Precious Kids Center he took us to his home to meet his […]

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Back to School

It’s back to school week and the madness has begun. At Precious Kids Center have 18 students that learn at four different boarding schools outside the center. Not to mention the 20 students that live at the center full time and 50 more that come from outside to learn at Precious Kids School. Needless to […]

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Home Visits: Mama Pascal and Mama Hillary

When the kids close school, many of them want to see their parents. Some kids go home for a few weeks to spend time with their families and others prefer to just visit a bit and then head back to Precious Kids Center. With the last term of the school year quickly approaching I loaded […]

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Lots of Good News!

This has been an exciting week for Precious Kids Center. God is doing big things in my life and in the lives of these children. He is making many things possible that were once just distant dreams. God has provided in a big way. Through generous donors, He has provided the funds to finish the […]

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A Wonderfully Busy Day

Today was one of those days when I crammed in as many activities as possible. It was one of those days where I felt God’s plan in my day despite things been a bit crazy and jam packed full of adventure and lots of running around. We started off by going to the kids house […]

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Adventures in West Pokot

Today we headed off on an adventure to West Pokot. Pascal and Frank came along for the ride. I love seeing their reactions to meeting kids in need. They remember where they came from a just a few months ago and are excited to meet other kids who need help. Pascal jumps in and isn’t […]

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Closing Day

Today was the last day of the second term of the school year. Now everyone is back home for the month of August. Looking forward to spending time with the big boys that were off at school these past few months. All the kids did great on their end of the term exams. We went […]

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Meet Pascal

I know it’s been long since I’ve blogged, but a lot has been going on around here. Building is underway and there is lots of work to check up on there. There are so many kids that we are working to support their parents to give them proper care from their homes and all the […]

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