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  It’s interesting how God brings kids into my life. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s the truth. On the way to Pascal’s house to meet his mother and talk about him coming to the house I spotted Junior. He was just sitting on the steps outside of his house. On the way […]

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  Kitale is a town that has many children living on the streets. For whatever reason they leave their homes and run to town. Life is hard for them. They beg for food and sniff glue to dull the emotional and physical pain that they face. My heart breaks for these children, but one little […]

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Adventures in Lodwar

  It’s been a busy week. I headed up to the town of Lodwar to help a team who went to distribute food. I met a man named Jacob who is a pastor and has polio. He was telling me that he lives with his two nieces and his son that also have polio. Also […]

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