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Back in America.

Thanks for all of your prayers. I have experienced God as my healer this week and have made it all the way home to California without a hitch. Before that, however things were a little bit crazy. I had been hospitalized a few weeks ago, but after being treated for malaria and given medicine for […]

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Adventures in West Pokot

Today we headed off on an adventure to West Pokot. Pascal and Frank came along for the ride. I love seeing their reactions to meeting kids in need. They remember where they came from a just a few months ago and are excited to meet other kids who need help. Pascal jumps in and isn’t […]

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Closing Day

Today was the last day of the second term of the school year. Now everyone is back home for the month of August. Looking forward to spending time with the big boys that were off at school these past few months. All the kids did great on their end of the term exams. We went […]

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