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Building Projects, Painting and Generous Guests.

Yesterday started off with a visit to Wamuini to check out the progress on the roofing and we brought the team along. A special thank you to everyone who donated to help make this roof possible. We are now one step closer to moving the kids into their new home.   After that we headed […]

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Eye Clinic

There is a team in town from Guidelines International Ministries in Southern California. They came to Kenya to provide free glasses to people in villages where getting an eye exam, let alone a pair of glasses, is nearly impossible. There’s nothing like seeing someone’s face light up when they can finally see clearly for the […]

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Eric David

Eric came to Precious Kids Center when I was still in California. The people from the Children’s Office dropped him off on a Friday and said that they just needed a place for him to stay for the weekend and would be back to pick him up on Monday after they had found a permanent […]

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Lavender was the third child that came to live at Precious Kids Center. Her father had gone away to work and hadn’t come back. Their family had been displaced during the tribal clashes and they were forced out of their home. Lavender’s mother, Christine, had become a single mother of three and was struggling to […]

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It’s good to be back.

After getting sick and having to come back to California unexpectedly I am finally back in Kenya after being away for six months. It has been such a great week here back with the kids and their smiling faces, being able to give them big hugs and see how much they’ve grown and how much […]

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