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New Beginnings

In 2009, when I came on my second trip to Kenya, I met a family from Endebes that God placed on my heart that summer. The oldest girl, Protenciana was going to Purpose Driven Academy and told us her story, so the next day we went to go visit her family. That was the first […]

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Lots of Good News!

This has been an exciting week for Precious Kids Center. God is doing big things in my life and in the lives of these children. He is making many things possible that were once just distant dreams. God has provided in a big way. Through generous donors, He has provided the funds to finish the […]

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Our Newest Resident: Victor

It’s always a little crazy how kids find their way into the house. Most of them I had met long before they came into the home, but the timing just wasn’t right. Then there’s that moment, when I know that it is God’s plan for that kid to come to the house. That’s exactly what […]

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