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Meet Benaiah

At Precious Kids Center I usually get at least four calls a week about a kid in need and a few that show up at the gate through out the course of a week looking for support. God put on my heart the children who have no where call home, especially those who are abandoned […]

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Pray with Us

At Precious Kids Center we have to keep a close eye on many of our children because their health can change very quickly due to complications of their disability. One challenge that comes with this is many of the hospitals that are able to provide life saving operations for our kids are located more than five […]

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We’re back!

I’d like to apologize for the long gap in updates, I know its been a while since we’ve updated on what’s going on at Precious Kids Center, so here’s a recap of what we do and a few of the ways that we have grown and expanded over the last year.  Who we serve? Precious […]

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