Sammy’s Story

sammy_webSammy Hammork has a bachelor of arts from California State University, Fullerton in Child and Adolescent Development and a California Teaching Credential for Moderate/Severe Special Education. She is the Founder and Director of the Precious Kids Center, a home in Kitale, Kenya for more than forty children with disabilities.

Sammy discovered her calling at an early age. As a regular attendee of Saddleback Church, she learned about a Sunday School class for children with disabilities. She began serving as a ten-year-old and instantly knew it was her passion to help these children. Sammy continued to help with this class until she was in college.

Sammy went to Kenya for the first time when she was 16-years old and fell in love with the place and the people. During her summer breaks from college, Sammy returned to Kenya to serve the children in Kitale. She was always on the look-out for opportunities to minister to children with disabilities, however, there were no schools for special needs children and most of the families kept their children hidden due to a sense of shame. On one of these summer trips, God brought a very special little boy into Sammy’s life.

His name was Brian and he was three years old.

He was severely neglected and mistreated by his family. He had cerebral palsy and he couldn’t walk, talk, sit or do anything on his own.

Brian was very sick when Sammy first met him and took him in. The first few weeks were filled with long nights as she grappled with the challenge of caring for a child with serious disabilities. It wasn’t long before God made it clear what her calling was: to serve the children with disabilities in Kitale.

On March 8, 2012, the Precious Kids Center opened their doors and took in their first child.

Today, 110 children live in the Precious Kids Center. You can read their stories here.

God is doing an amazing work through Sammy and her team as they care for and minister to these neglected children.

PO Box 2021-30200, Kitale, Kenya

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