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Here at PKC, we have so many kids with a wide range of abilities. Some progress in leaps and bounds, others make much slower improvements and some stay the same. Regardless of their progress, we celebrate and accept each child exactly as they are, but that doesn’t stop us from cheering on our kids with each small step they make along the way. I’d like to highlight a few kids that we have seen make progress these past few months. 

Trinah has hemiplegic cerebral palsy that only affects her right side. She has been undergoing therapy since she came to the center five years ago and we have continued to see a steady increased in the function of her right hand. The other day I walked past her helping the house moms cut potatoes. This may seem like an easy task, but for her it has taken hard work and we are proud of Trinah and her determination. 


Darren and Sharon both came to us unable to walk independently. In the last few months they have gotten very sure footed and can usually be found playing in the farthest corners of the compound. 


Arnold has been with us for almost three years. He has autism and is nonverbal. This week Arnold had started repeating words and then moved on to walking around and naming several items in the kitchen without being prompted. We are proud of him and are excited to watch as he continues to find his voice. 


Elisha was abandoned at birth and brought to us when he was around ten months old. The hospital staff doesn’t usually have time to pay a lot of attention to these abandonment cases because of their workload. Most parents will stay at the hospital with their children to provide that one on one care, but Elisha lacked that for the first few months of his life. Once coming to PKC he quickly began to thrive and now he is able to sit independently. 


We are so proud of these five determined kiddos and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. 

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