Chris is a little boy from a family that I’ve known for a long time. 
He lives in a slum area called Shimo near the kids house. The oldest four children in the family are all sponsored to go to school and their mother struggles to make ends meet on her own. Last week he was sick and his mother took him to the hospital. I stopped by to visit and they told me that he had all the symptoms of heart and renal failure. His whole body was swollen and he was having difficulty breathing. The tests that they needed to know exactly what the problem was not available in Kitale, so we took a little road trip with him to Eldoret.
Chris in the car on the way to Eldoret
The doctor did a cardiogram and found out that the right side of Chris’s heart is larger than the left, which is the opposite of what it should be. This is causing strain on his lungs because his body is not getting the oxygen it needs. So they ordered for him to be on oxygen 24 hours until they find the exact problem and they admitted him to the hospital there so that they could perform more tests to be sure of exactly where the problem is coming from. He stayed at the hospital for a week and they diagnosed him with pulmonary hypertension. 
His mother has six children total. She raises them on her own and since she has to stay at the hospital with Chris, the other ones are left at home alone. We have been having them over for lunch and sending them home with some food so that they can eat dinner. When the girls and John head to school, they drop JayJay by the kids house for the day and then come back in the afternoon to take him home. 
Sweet Jay Jay hanging out at the house
Please keep this family in your prayers. Chris is home now and doing much better and will be going back to the hospital in two weeks for a check up. From what I’ve read about pulmonary hypertension it looks like Chris’s condition will have to be managed rather than cured. Please pray for healing on his tiny little body and that his health continues to improve. 
Chris a week after coming home from the hospital.
We are grateful to see his sweet little smile again.

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