COVID-19 Update

Here in Kenya we are thinking about and praying for our friends around the world who are affected by the corona virus. Two weeks ago, Kenya reported the first confirmed case and quickly took action. That Monday, the government announced that all schools would be closing for at least 30 days to try to keep the situation under control. All of our boarding school students that learn outside of the center have come back home. We have also contacted parents that are willing and able to care for their children for an extended period of time home to be with their families during this time. We are taking many precautions to protect our children that have remained with us, as many of them are medically fragile and have weak immune systems. We’ve restricted visitors from coming into the center and have purchased food and medication for three  months in case there is a lockdown. We have also prepared our staff to stay at the center full time so that our kids continue to be well cared for.  

Please keep us in your prayers and pray that the quick action taken by the Kenyan government helps slow the spread of the virus. Keep our precious little ones in your prayers. 

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