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There is a team in town from Guidelines International Ministries in Southern California. They came to Kenya to provide free glasses to people in villages where getting an eye exam, let alone a pair of glasses, is nearly impossible. There’s nothing like seeing someone’s face light up when they can finally see clearly for the first time.

Today they were doing a clinic at Sister Freda’s Hospital where they have a room set up to do full eye examinations. People come in from the neighboring villages and many are referred from the previous days clinic to get a better look at what the problem is.This is not only a great service to the communities where the clinics are held, but also to Precious Kids Center. Today we loaded up the van and took some kids to get their eyes checked and they were all so excited.


Bramwel and Newton hanging out as they wait to see the doctor


Dr. Rob fitting Linah with her new glasses


Linah looking good with her new glasses.


Newton getting his eyes checked. He is a little nearsighted, but doesn’t need glasses right now, but he was excited to come along for the adventure.



Newton was having such a good time at recess today that he somehow managed to scratch his eye on the gate. Glad that happened today because he got it all checked out and got some eye drops to make sure all the dust flying around doesn’t lead to an infection.


We had a little time to wait around while everyone was getting checked out. Linah and Rael shared a soda and talked about how well they could see with their new glasses.


Bramwel is farsighted and is always holding things so close to his face to be able to get a good look. He was so excited to get his new glasses he didn’t even know what to do with himself.


Junior walked into the house when we got home and one of the house mom’s said “You leave for 2 hours and come back looking like a doctor” and he did a joyful little dance.


Rael’s been to a few vision clinics over the years. Her pair from last year got broken a little while ago, but now we have a new pair and a back up.



The whole gang with their new glasses!


Walking back to the car hand in hand. Seriously, they are the sweetest.

It is a blessing to have watched the looks on their sweet faces after putting on their glasses and having everything look so much clearer. Thank you Dr. Rob and the rest of the team for their your big servant hearts for blessing the kids at Precious Kids Center and the rest of the people of Kitale.

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  1. Cynthia Hammork February 28, 2015 at 12:54 am #

    So fun to see all the kids in their new glasses!

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