Here’s What Happened in April

April has come to an end and we just wanted to share a little bit about what went on at Precious Kids Center this month.

Things have been a little slower around here, but the kids are all healthy and enjoying their time with each other.  We have such great kids and they all are willing to help out around the house wherever there’s a need. Our girls have been braiding the other kids hair, our big boys have been helping out with repairs around the compound and as always they are a great help at mealtimes by helping feed the kids who are unable to feed themselves.

Rael helping wash hands before lunch

We aren’t sure when schools will open up again so we have one of our teachers that volunteered to stay with us and do three hour lessons with the kids every morning to keep them from falling behind.  Our high school students are also doing lessons and also taking turns teaching the younger students as well.

Kids working hard in class

This month we have also been able to get court committals, which is similar to custody papers, for our children. We have had letters from both the children’s office and the area chiefs giving us permission to stay with the children, but these papers make it official and will make it easier for us to be able to get birth certificates and apply for medical insurance for them as well. The magistrate from the Kitale Courthouse came to the center, along with one of the children’s officers and they called the kids one at a time and heard their stories before signing the papers. It was a long day, but we are happy to finally have accomplished this step so we can move forward with getting more services for our kiddos.

The children’s officer and magistrate saying goodbye to the kids at the end of the day

This month we have also had a training once a week to teach the older boys in better organic farming practices.  They began with a meeting in the classroom explaining the importance of farming and how it can be used to provide for families and also provide an income. The next class the boys were out working in the farm making beds for them to grow different vegetables here at the center. We are glad that we are able to help train and equip our children with valuable skills that will help them be successful in the future.

The boys hard at work getting the beds ready for planting

Thanks for catching up on what happened here in April. Stay tuned for more blogs and updates next month.

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