Lots of Good News!

This has been an exciting week for Precious Kids Center. God is doing big things in my life and in the lives of these children. He is making many things possible that were once just distant dreams.

God has provided in a big way. Through generous donors, He has provided the funds to finish the new home for the children currently living at Precious Kids Center! We currently have 38 kids and four house mothers packed into a little house on less than a quarter of an acre. It’s crowded and, though the kids don’t seem to mind, we have all been patiently working towards the goal of moving the new property where there will be more space to learn play and grow.


It’s been fun to take groups of kids to the new house to see the progress, watch them choose their rooms, give suggestions on how things should be set-up and imagine all the fun they will have playing in the yard.


Next week we will start up construction again. The steel windows and doors are currently being made and next week they will start plastering the walls and floors. If all goes according to plan, the kids should move into the new house in November and enjoy the break from school in their new home.


The house for the kids will be finished, but our future dreams and plans for Precious Kids Center don’t end there. The school will also move to the new property. Many of the children that come to the school have a disability and were sent away from other schools because the teachers claimed that they were unable to learn. At Precious Kids School we work with students of all abilities and present the material in a way that makes sense to them and allows them move at their own pace. We chose that property because there were open plots around that we could purchase as we continue to expand and grow.


We were blessed with a team this month that came to meet the kids and visit the new property to see the progress of the house and hear the vision and goals for the future of Precious Kids.


One of these goals for the future is to move Precious Kids School to the new property. We started the school after we tried, unsuccessfully, to find a local school that was willing to accommodate the individual needs of some of our children with disabilities. The school began in January 2013 with fifteen students and at the end of the last term we had seventy-five students. Many of these students had the same struggle finding a school that would accommodate their special needs. We have also had many parents that have come from outside Kitaletown and want their kids to learn, but live too far to get them to and from school everyday. This inspired my dream to have a school where children with and without disabilities can complete their primary education and attach a boarding facility that would allow us to reach out to more students.


One of the members from the recent team, Kamari, fell in love with the kids and God placed it on her heart to help us jump right into the next phase of growth: buying an additional acre and beginning construction on classrooms and dorms for the school.

Linah and Kamari

At her request, I spoke with the land-owner and the contractors who drew up the plans to get the estimates for this project. I sent the totals and she is now prayerfully pursuing the dream God has placed on her heart. I am excited to see all that God will do as she faithfully follows Him.


In the meantime, I am thrilled to get started on the final stages of the house. It’s hard to believe that what was recently just a plot of land and some blueprints, is so close to becoming a home. I am, again, so grateful to all that gave, sacrificially, to see the realization of this dream. I look forward to frequent visits to the site to check on and share the progress with you.

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  1. Steve Rutenbar August 24, 2015 at 11:04 pm #

    God bless Kamari and her vision to help PKC…

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