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At Precious Kids Center we have to keep a close eye on many of our children because their health can change very quickly due to complications of their disability. One challenge that comes with this is many of the hospitals that are able to provide life saving operations for our kids are located more than five hours away so we work closely with our local pediatrician to make sure that we catch potentially serious issues as early as possible.

We ask for prayers for three of our children with Hydrocephalus who have all had to have emergency surgery replace their shunts this year. Many times as a child grows older, their shunt needs to be revised and many of our kiddos are growing up. Sometimes, the doctors don’t always know why, the shunt will stop working in our younger kids as well. We’ve been able to partner with Tenwek Mission Hospital that has been a huge asset in getting our kiddos the best care possible.

Junior and Euvine both had to have new shunts put in February. They were both experiencing lower limb weakness and were very lethargic and the doctors were able to get them in quick for an operation and they are both still experiencing some complications. Junior needs a little extra prayers because he was still having some difficulties in walking, and had to go back last week to have another operation last week and the doctors are still working to find the exact problem. Euvine is also experiencing some swelling at the shunt site and we are taking him this week to see if the shunt is working properly.

Euvine (left) and Junior (right)

In January Angel began showing signs that her shunt was not functioning. She was taken to the hospital the first time and they removed her shunt and gave her dates to do a follow up visit to check her condition. She had to be rushed back to the hospital (which is around 5 hours away) five times, and ended up having to have three separate surgeries because her condition was not improving. She still has checkups every month and is having some issues with frequent swelling, but her condition has greatly improved and we are thrilled to have our joyful little Angel back with us. 

We would appreciated prayers for their continued healing and for protection from and more illness. All of our children with hydrocephalus also have an upcoming clinic this week so please pray with us for positive reports and that all of their shunts are working properly. 

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