Kids can fall asleep anywhere, literally anywhere. At least once a day while walking around the Precious Kids Center compound I run into at least one child asleep in some outrageous place or position. So of course before moving them to a more comfortable and safer sleeping area I have to document it. So, enjoy a few pictures of just a few of the many places we’ve stumbled across some real sleepy kiddos just enjoying a good nap. 

Darren was having too much fun on the playground.
Jason paying close attention in class.
Jason paying close attention in class.
Vinny sneaking in a cat nap during his recess.

Joyce channeling how most of us feel after Christmas celebrations.
When you’re having too much fun playing so you just close your eyes for a minute.
Dan might be our resident sleep champion. He can always find a way to get cozy for a nap.
Even friends that come to visit join in on nap time.
Cheryl finding innovative ways to get maximum comfort during and outside nap.
Kind of looks like Fidel fell asleep in the middle of some sort of leap and he probably did.
And last but not least the sleepiest little Kelvin.

One Response to Sleepyheads

  1. Allison June 6, 2022 at 5:40 pm #

    Hahahaha. I hope this becomes a series of posts. So good.

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