Once again we’ve had a few busy weeks around here. My sister and friends from home came out to visit and we’ve been visiting lots of places around town and spending time at home with the kids. It’s been great introducing them to all the great people and kids here that I always talk about. It’s been great having them around and the kids love having visitors. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Stevie! So glad she could come over.


Alex bought our chicken dinner in town.


The students love having visitors!


Mary with Sam and Caleb.


The public school teachers have been on strike this week so Augustus has
been home helping the teacher with the preschoolers.


Allan and Lillian with Teacher Christabel


Rael and Sammy


Alex and Allan


Stevie and Julie.


Alex giving everyone fresh haircuts.


Bramwel hanging out on the swing and catching up on the news.


Helping a friend plant beans on their farm.


Dr. Boaz teaching Allan how to use his new walker.


Alex spending some time with the school kids.


Visiting Henry in Shimo.


Checking up on Little Chris and his family. His grandmother
has been sick so we brought them some food and some medicine.


Dan is doing great. These days he always has a big smile on his face.


Walking around town with Ambrose, who has no parents and
no one to stay with so he lives on the streets of Kitale.


Teacher Cristbel teaching the baby class.


Stevie and Franco.


Stevie hanging out with Franco, Allan, Yusu and Newton in class.


We met Jacob last year when Mary was here. He was so small and sick.
Now he is growing big, healthy and is even walking on his own.


Selina and her mom are doing great. We stopped by
to say hello and bring them some food and medicine.


Strolling around Shimo with Henry.


Willy had been in and out of the hospital last month, but
now he is healthy and happy and doing great.


The whole crew.


Bramwel, Mary and Lillian.


Lavender and Stevie.



Augustus, Alex and Lillian. Plus me teaching Allan how to photobomb.


Me and Allan.


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