World Autism Awareness Month

April is World Autism Awareness Month and we see it as the perfect reminder to celebrate our twenty-two children with Autism. Here at PKC, we celebrate the differences in our kiddos because they are unique and we know that they are exactly who God made them to be.  For many, this is the first time they’ve been seen as a blessing and not a burden. It’s such a privilege to be able see how much the simple act of acceptance causes kids to grow and thrive. So this month, we’d like to take the time to highlight a few our kids with Autism each week and share a little more about what makes them unique. 

Dan is one of our first five residents to come to live at PKC and has been with us for 8 years. Dan is a champion sleeper. He knows the value of a good nap and he can literally sleep anywhere. 


Willy’s got a great sense of humor. He’s a goofy dude who’s got jokes for days, but he also keeps a watchful eye on the other kids and is always the first to look for an adult when he sees one of the other kids need help. He loves all things farm related and loves helping to feed and milk the cows. 


Josephine has a dual diagnosis of down syndrome and autism and she’s starting to talk and we are excited her see her beginning to be able to express her wants and needs. Her favorite word seems to be soda and she loves singing the Happy Birthday song. 


Vinny is the head of our welcoming committee. No one walks through the gates without getting a big handshake and greeting from Vinny. He loves to sing, dance and play with his friends.


Caren (center) is one of our older residents, but she fits in great with all of the other kids at the center. She is a great friend and can usually be found hanging out with her buddies Rael and Gracie when she’s not volunteering to help the house moms with little jobs around the kitchen. 

Real, Caren and Gracie

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  1. Judith L Smaniotto September 9, 2021 at 6:26 pm #

    I’m missing all the beautiful children at Precious Kids … especially Dorcas!

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