World Autism Awareness Month

April is World Autism Awareness Month and we see it as the perfect reminder to celebrate our twenty-two children with Autism. Here at PKC, we celebrate the differences in our kiddos because they are unique and we know that they are exactly who God made them to be.  For many, this is the first time they’ve been seen as a blessing and not a burden. It’s such a privilege to be able see how much the simple act of acceptance causes kids to grow and thrive. So this month, we’d like to take the time to highlight a few our kids with Autism each week and share a little more about what makes them unique. 

Ayub got a late start to walking, but now is almost always on the move. He is another member of our welcoming committee and no one walks past him without getting a fist bump and a smile. He is starting to say some words and will repeat the names of the other kids. 


Sharlene always has a big smile on her face. When she came she was also unable to walk independently, but now she can get around the house. She is always looking for someone to play with.


Sharlene and Ayub are best buds and you can rarely find one without the other.

Sharlene and Ayub

Jacob is a bundle of energy. He is also blind on top of his Autism and his favorite pastime is climbing and jumping. Not to mention is great smile!


Michael is a great singer and he also loves playing goal keeper on the soccer field. He is constantly keeping busy and loves helping the cooks chop firewood for cooking. 


Samuel has been having some health issues lately, so please keep him in your prayers. When he first came he was able to sit independently, but now he is unable to. Despite the challenges he is facing we are encouraged by his joyful spirit and that he keeps his big, bright smile. 

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