Zablon Update

Zablon came to Precious Kids Center in 2015 from the streets of Kitale. He has a fiery personality and keeps us laughing with his jokes and antics. A common problem that we have seen here with our children that we took from the streets is that integrating back into a setting where there are rules and restrictions is difficult for them. When school closes and the other kids start going home, Zablon often runs away. We don’t know where he is from or where his parents are and the sting of seeing other children going home is hard on him. We try to talk to him and counsel him against running away, but the streets sometimes still win. In May of last year, Zablon snuck out and as he was making his way back to town he was hit by a car. Luckily, the driver acted quickly and took him to a nearby hospital who saw that his injuries were too extensive to treat here in Kitale and sent him to a larger hospital an hour away for treatment. 

The doctors determined that Zablon had a traumatic brain injury from the accident and he spent two months unconscious in the ICU. Miraculously, Zablon woke up and began to improve and was able to come back to the center after five months at the hospital. There were many times we thought we would never see his sweet smile again, but our God is faithful and he healed our sweet Zablon. 

He was having breathing issues, so the doctors decided it was best to place a tracheotomy to help him breathe. Zablon will be returning to the hospital in May so the doctors can see if he has healed enough to remove the tracheotomy. While he’s in the hospital the doctors will also do a review of his brain injury because it seems that he is still regressing in some areas. Please pray for our little fighter. 

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