PKC Needs

Without the support of our generous donors, it would be impossible for us to serve children with disabilities in Kitale.

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On-Going Needs

  • transportation costs
  • food
  • facility upkeep
  • Kenyan employee payroll
  • creative activities
  • medical expenses
  • tutoring fees

Future Projects

The following projects would greatly increase PKC’s ability to expand and accept more children:

  • A pickup truck to help us to transport: the monthly shopping, hay for the cows, larger children needing wheelchairs
  • New laundry washing area
  • New toilets and septic tank for school children
  • A new plot of land for the school so that we will have room for more dorms on the current property

Potential Procedures

  • Eugene and Dolfrancia are currently awaiting procedures to improve their gait. Each operation will cost $700.
  • Lillian came to us with her left leg amputated and in April, had to have her right leg amputated due to complications from spina bifida. We are currently trying to raise funds to buy her new prosthetic legs that will cost $1,400.

Are you willing to support the Precious Kids Center? Every donation helps keep our doors open as we serve children with disabilities in Kenya.

  • $12,000 would cover our expenses for a month
  • $3,000 would cover our expenses for a week
  • $428 would cover our expenses for a day — every donation helps!

Donate Now

Your financial support of the Precious Kids Center is tax-deductible. If you have resources or contacts that might help support our mission, please contact us here.

PO Box 2021-30200, Kitale, Kenya

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