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Willy Visits His Family

Willy came to PKC in August of 2012 after being abandoned at the hospital by his grandmother. That is the only story we ever heard of his past and no one ever came to look for him. A few years ago when we were on a home visit, we ran into his grandmother. I never […]

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Teacher Rose supervising her students at recess.

School Update

As term 2 comes to an end, our students are currently preparing to go home for the entire month of August to get some much needed rest.Our students are such hard workers.They finished their exams this week and we are very proud of their scores. Our teaching staff has also worked tirelessly with each of […]

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Willy introducing Male to one of the house moms on her first day at the house.

Throwback Thursday- Willy

Willy is the first child that we took into Precious Kids Center that was completely abandoned. To this day, we still don’t know who his parents are or where he came from. We got a call one day to go down to the District Hospital and meet a child that was left alone in the […]

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A Wonderfully Busy Day

Today was one of those days when I crammed in as many activities as possible. It was one of those days where I felt God’s plan in my day despite things been a bit crazy and jam packed full of adventure and lots of running around. We started off by going to the kids house […]

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Building Projects, Painting and Generous Guests.

Yesterday started off with a visit to Wamuini to check out the progress on the roofing and we brought the team along. A special thank you to everyone who donated to help make this roof possible. We are now one step closer to moving the kids into their new home.   After that we headed […]

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Prayers for Willy, Japheth and Julius

  It’s been an emotional few days around here. Many of the kids have been sick this week, so we’ve been running around to many doctors offices getting CT scans, ultrasounds and other tests.  Willy was sick with malaria last week, but we had a nurse come to the house and give him injections for […]

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Precious Kids Center. A few of the kids went home to spend Christmas with their families so we had space to have a few extras over to celebrate Christmas with us. We spent the day at home playing with all of their new toys and ate a nice […]

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Once again we’ve had a few busy weeks around here. My sister and friends from home came out to visit and we’ve been visiting lots of places around town and spending time at home with the kids. It’s been great introducing them to all the great people and kids here that I always talk about. […]

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